Governor Jay Inslee Visits Zillah Lakes Inn- July 2018

Governor Jay Inslee, accompanied by his wife Trudy, staff members, members of Washington State Chamber of Commerce, as well as Reps from the Clean Energy Fund visited Zillah Lakes Inn on July 25, 2018 to preview the energy components of the Inn!

The group that set up the meeting was our lender, Craft3, which financed the solar panels, installation, as well as other energy efficient elements to the Zillah Lakes Inn.

Craft3 is a non-profit organization in the Pacific Northwest that assists small and large businesses to complete energy efficient upgrades or new installs when traditional bank lending isn’t possible. Eventually we, and others will no longer need their help as we will be able to finance these energy efficiency projects with a traditional lender. The loan from Craft3 is guaranteed by the Washington State Clean Energy Fund.

The idea that Craft3 fills the financing gap is one of the reasons Governor Inslee visited Zillah Lakes Inn. As the Governor himself said, “It’s a win, win, win.”

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