Zillah Lakes Inn, located on the shores of Zillah Lakes in Zillah, Washington, has a unique feature that sets it apart. Each of its well-appointed rooms is named after one of the seven prominent American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) found in the Yakima Valley and Columbia Gorge regions. These AVAs serve as the foundation for the inn’s wine-themed decor and ambiance, showcasing the rich viticultural diversity of the surrounding area.

An AVA is a defined wine grape growing region within the United States. These regions are characterized by specific standards that encompass geographical features, soil compositions, and distinct boundaries that dictate the unique characteristics of the grapes grown in that particular area. Zillah Lakes Inn’s rooms are a tribute to six of the nearby AVAs, reflecting the inn’s close connection to the local wine culture:

Yakima Valley
Horse Heaven Hills
Rattlesnake Hills
Columbia Gorge
Red Mountain
Naches Heights

The Zillah Lakes Inn invites guests to immerse themselves in the wine culture of the Yakima Valley by enjoying their stay in their AVA-named rooms during wine tasting trips to Zillah.

Learn more about Washington States’ wine growing regions on the Washington Wine website.