Zillah Lakes Inn has joined the Little Free Library movement to provide reading materials for our guests to enjoy in their room, while enjoying the view of the lake from their patio or pergola or the various seating areas around the property.

A Little Free Library is a unique and personal book exchange based on the principle of “take a book, return a book”. Guests can participate in this free exchange by taking a book or sharing one. These libraries have been likened to “mini-town squares” where members of the community can share their favorite books with one another. The system operates on an honor code, meaning that it is not necessary to share a book in order to take one. However, it is encouraged to put in a book when you take one, whenever possible.

Did you Know?

The Little Free Library initiative was started in 2009 by Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin as a tribute to his mother who was a teacher and book lover. He constructed a model of a one-room schoolhouse, filled it with books, and placed it on a post in his front yard.