Zillah Lakes Community

Zillah Lakes is a developing Master Planned community. It includes private amenities and some commercial business.

Lakeside Patio

The lakeside patio offers an expansive view of the lake and beyond which you can enjoy employing one of the deck chairs on the patio outside the lakeside rooms or on the large patio with a firepit and pergola. From there whether it be early morning or just before dark you’ll see lots of wildlife going about their business.

To the West is Mount Adams and we have some pretty stunning sunsets.

While a guest at the Inn we encourage those with interest to use the row boat for 4, the paddle boat for two and/or the paddle board for one!

Boating & Fishing on Zillah Lakes

The Zillah Lakes are private waters owned and managed by the Zillah Lakes Development.

Fishing is catch and release only with a non-barbed hook. This gives the fish the best chance of surviving being caught and put back in the water. The lake has up to 6lb. Bass and some pretty nice Trout as well. The huge fish are the sterile carp that were planted years ago that eat the vegetation as it grows. We say, Carp Diem!

Life jackets are available and encouraged, especially for children. If you don’t see them on the dock, just ask Doug or Pam.

Relax at the Dock

Enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine at the lakeside dock. Enjoy the firepit while savoring the lake view and the peaceful country atmosphere.

Walking Trail

The walking trails and wildlife of Zillah Lakes are the pride and joy of the greater community. Whether you are looking for a short nature trail walk or an adventurous trek to the town of Zillah, we’ve got you covered. There is a nature access trail that skirts the community along a creek and back toward the community entrance.

For a trek (2.5 miles one way) to the town of Zillah you can take advantage of the newly built 10-foot wide, paved path next to Vintage Valley Parkway. There are a couple of eateries and a bakery when you get to town. El Porton, Subway, and Buhrmaster Bakery.

Zillah Lakes Golf Course

The Zillah Lakes Golf Course is a private, executive course open to residents of the community and to the guests of Zillah Lakes Inn.

The scenic course includes four challenging golf holes with an assortment of par to include 3-4-5 holes which let you use every club in your bag! You can play all four holes in 1.5 hours. Play the course over and over again throughout the day. Just be sure to save time to visit other local attractions as well!

Easily walk the course as there are no golf cart rentals available. We have several pull carts at no charge to guests.


Zillah Lakes Inn is on a migratory path so you will see different species depending on the time of year you visit.

The Yakima Valley, especially Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge and the Zillah Lakes area are known for rare and interesting bird sightings as well as other wildlife. Notably in early Spring through early Fall we have busy nesting boxes along the Yakima River with Osprey rearing their young. The parents fish in the lakes and the river and it is something to behold. Just one reason we keep the lakes catch and release for humans.

Year round birds you’ll likely see are Great Blue Heron, Coopers Hawk, Kestrel and the Red Tail Hawk. We have Bald Eagles that also visit from time to time.

Spectacular Sunsets

The wide open vistas at Zillah Lakes Inn enable some incredible, spectacular sunsets viewing from the inn.

Every day throughout the year there are new surprises and new beauty to enjoy and photograph while you enjoy a quiet lake-side glass of wide on your patio or at the pergola with other guests.

Outdoor Kitchen

Guests can enjoy the use of our Outdoor Kitchen, located right next to the popular Pergola.  The kitchen includes a small refrigerator, lighted counter space, water dispenser, and grill.

Guests can book the kitchen for $10 per use (meal). Guests are expected to clean the kitchen and grill after use.

A group of our international guests enjoying the Outdoor Kitchen and pergola/patio for a BBQ