This time of year we delight in observing mallard duck couples finding a nesting spot on the shores of the lake and the eventual ducklings that follow. Their nests are often far away and we just enjoy the chance sightings we get when they swim nearby.

This year, to our surprise and delight, a mother duck has chosen an evergreen bush between our office and the next door townhouse for her nest.

Recently, I got up early at 5:30 a.m. I sat at the window with my coffee and witnessed our mama duck escort her ducklings into the lake. The ducklings were so tiny, I saw 2 for sure and there may have been more. They swam across the water quickly out on their daily morning excursion onto Zillah Lakes.

We are protective of these ducks and enjoy these annual spring sightings and look forward to seeing each year’s batch of ducklings. With the early morning quacking wake up calls, it’s been inconvenient, yet super charming.

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Binoculars are available in all lakeside rooms and at the pergola for our guests to enjoy the wildlife too!